Poker Packages

Poker is becoming one of the most popular pastimes and home poker parties are becoming more and more common. Sitting around with your friends playing cards and drinking is definitely a good break from the grind of real life.

But even poker can be slow sometimes. So why not take the entertainment to another level by hiring a sexy, skilled poker dealer. You and your friends can sit back and enjoy the game rather than shuffling cards and working out whos turn it is to put blinds in!

You can even hire topless waitresses to bring you drinks while you play. Don’t miss your turn grabbing a new cold one out of the fridge. Let our sexy girls take care of it all. Beer, boobs and a full house…what could be better!

We have a range of packages to suit every event and help bring together all your entertainment needs. We promise that your bucks party, birthday or other function is one that you will always remember…
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