Our Shows

Please note – for Sydney Topless waitresses and barmen – the minimum booking for all topless staff is 2 hours

Raunchy Show

If your looking for a sexy starter show, this one is perfect! Your female dancer will strip down naked (for mixed parties you can request to leave a g-string on) and she will use oil or cream all over her body, and also over the buck.

Bubble Bath

After your dancer finishes off her show, why not have her end up in a bubble bath. Sit back and watch her clean every part of her body with a big wet sponge. The lucky buck can also join in and help her wash! ( no mess involved )

Strawberries & Cream

If you think this show sounds delicious…you’re right! In this show you are allowed to eat strawberries and cream off the dancer’s sexy body. Fun to view and even more fun to be a part of!

Raunchy with the Lot

Not sure what to get?? Getr a bit of everything by choosing Raunchy with the Lot. It combines the Raunchy show, Strawberries & Cream and Bubble Bath, so you get triple the fun!

Hot Vibe

Want to step things up a notch? Try the hot vibe show. Pick one of our sexy performers to give you a show you will remember long after the night! In this show your dancer will insert vibrators, pearls or something else in her naughty nook – get ready for your heart to start pumping!

Hot Vibe & Bubble Bath

Feeling greedy? Why not settle in and watch your dancer get down and dirty with a Hot Vibe show and then watch her cool down by ending things with a sensual Bubble Bath that includes the Buck.

Fruit & Veg

The doctor recommends more fruit and veggies right? Well time to listen to him by booking this show! Our dancer will perform an “educational show” while she puts your fruit and veggies to good use! Totally outrageous! Same as hot vibe show but with fruit and veggies used as a vibrator.

Hot Vibe with Everything

Still can’t decide? Give this one a go then, it includes everything from Strawberries & Cream, Hot Vibe Show and ends with a sensual Bubble Bath.

Double Lesbian Act with Vibes

There’s only one thing better than a stripper doing a sexy show and that’s 2 girls doing a show together! Want hot? This lesbian show involves kissing, touching and more…right in front of your eyes! Vibes and double ended dildos will also get a workout. MUST SEE SHOW!!!!!

Double Lesbian Act with Strap on

The deluxe lesbian show, this one involves 2 of our gorgeous dancers getting “up close and personal” together while using strap-ons and double ended dildos. A simply jaw dropping experience with 2 hot women going for broke in front of all the lucky guys watching!!

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